This course is divided into two sections: Research and Testing in EFL. The first section presents glimpse (what, why and how) of different research designs in EFL. It aims at providing the students with overall understanding of research works in general, and the specific research activities carried out in English language teaching and learning in particular. This section is divided into two units. The first unit focuses on developing theoretical perspective of different research designs. For this different research articles will be used as resources. The second unit emphasizes the application of different research designs discussed in the first unit. In this unit, the students are required to produce a research proposal based on the format and thereafter write a research article by using one of the designs discussed. The second section, language testing, aims at providing theoretical knowledge on language testing, and skills and abilities for developing and using the English language tests for assessing and reporting students’ achievement and proficiency in the English language. They discuss the current status of language testing followed by the theoretical aspects. The units from three to five deal with the practical aspects of language testing offering students the procedures for using language tests for enhanced teaching and learning of the English language.