Curriculum Resource Centre [CRC]

Central Department of Education [CDE] is one of the pioneering departments under Tribhuvan University. Most of the students opt as the first choice across the country to study in this department.  

There are different administrative and academic sections under CDE. Among them, Curriculum Resource Centre [CRC] is a resource centre which provides the students to explore several academic resources, such as reference books, academic books, thesis, journals, and other supplementary resources. The students can explore a rich collection of the thesis under this resource centre. This centre consists of two major sections:

  1. Book Section
  2. Thesis Section
  1. Book Section

In this section, the students can find the academic books to supplement their course works. The students who have financial constraints and cannot buy the books can be benefitted from this centre. This section includes additional reference books to supplement their studies.

Number of Books Entry: 50,285


  1. Thesis Section

 In this section, the students can explore a rich resource on thesis collection related to their topic. The students across the country visit this library to review the thesis conducted in different disciplines and themes.

  1. Newspaper Section

The students can explore the current affairs and resources on contemporary issues in the newspaper. The daily national newspapers [Kantipur, Gorkhapatra, Nagarik, The Rising Nepal, The Himalayan] are regularly available.


Staff Details:

Book Section

  1. Mala Shrestha
  2. Preeti K.C.
  3. Chameli Kapali

Thesis Section

  1. ThamSingh Pun
  2. Bishow Maharjan
  3. Sita Rai


Library Hours: 10.00-5.00 P.M [Magh17-Kartik15]

Circulation Hours: 11.00 A.M.-3.30 P.M.

Break Time: 1.30 P.M.-2.30 P.M

Winter Season Timings

Library Hours: 11.00 A.M.-3.00 P.M [Winter hours-Kartik 16-Magh 16]

Circulation Hours: 11.00 A.M.-3.00 P.M.

Break Time: 1.00 P.M.-2.00 P.M

Code of Conduct 

Book and Thesis Section

1. The Students who are admitted in the semester system need to fill CRC membership form.

2. The students receive 2 copies of library membership card within 10 days of submission of the filled form.

3. The students need to renew the library membership card every six months.

4. The students can borrow books after they receive membership cards.

5. The students are not allowed to receive a new card in case of loss or damage of cards.

6. A book will be provided for 15 days.

7. If a student fails to return the received book within a duration after 15 days, they will be charged as Rs. 5 per day as a late fee.

8. If any student gets the burrowed book lost or damaged, they need to pay the double of the purchased book as determined.

9. In the case of a faculty member, they will be provided three cards and the duration of the book will be for a month.

10. In the case of teaching assistant [part-time faculty members], the books are issued in the recommendation of the department head to make them responsive        in case of loss, damage of the books.

11. In the case of a thesis, the students are allowed to burrow 2 theses based on the validity of their library card.

12. If the students fail to return a thesis with the given duration, they are charged Rs. 10 per day for per thesis. In case of loss or damage of the thesis, they are          charged additional Rs. 500.