Information and communication technology (ICT) has become an important and inseparable part of education. ICT has been accepted in the form of improvement and enhancement of knowledge and skills in the knowledge-based society. Throughout the world, there is awareness of the fundamental role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the field of Education. ICT is becoming the as aspect of a discipline or profession and ICT is also a medium for teaching and learning. In the 21st century, students need to be proficient in information and communication systems.

Department of ICT Education was established in 2015 to produce technically sound human resources for the twenty-first century. To establish the innovative ICT based learning system instead of traditional educating system ICT competent human resource is necessary. The motto of the department is "Cooperation and collaboration for innovation in Education". Develop the ICT competent manpower who can compete and work in technologically enhanced society of 21st century.

Present Teaching Faculties Department


Krishna Prasad Adhikari,              Lecturer


Rom Kant Pandey,                       Lecturer and Head


Arjun Singh Saud,                        Lecturer


Jagadish Bhatt,                            Lecturer


Bal Krishna Subedi,                     Lecturer


Bhupendra Luhar,                        Lecturer


Bhoj Raj Joshi,                             Lecturer


Vipul Gautam,                              Lecturer


Mohan Mishra,                             Lecturer

Courses offered in 4-semester 2-years Course.

Semester I

1.     Computer Architecture

ICT Ed. 515

2.     Advanced Java Programming

ICT. Ed. 516

3.     Educational Technology

ICT. Ed. 517

4.     Modern Operating System

ICT. Ed. 518

Semester II

1.     Advanced Database Management System

ICT. Ed. 525

2.     Network and Information Security

ICT. Ed. 526

3.     Quality Assurance and Software Engineering

ICT. Ed. 527

4.     Advanced Web Technology

ICT. Ed. 528

Semester III

1.     Visual Programming

ICT. Ed. 535

2.     Software Project

ICT. Ed. 536

3.     Data Science

ICT. Ed. 537

4.     Digital Pedagogy

ICT. Ed. 538

Semester IV

1.     Thesis Writing

Ed. 544

2.     Teaching Practice

Ed. 542

Elective Courses [Students can choose any one]

3.     Learning Analytics

ICT. Ed. 548

4.     Machine Learning

ICT. Ed. 549

5.     Equational Cloud Computing

ICT. Ed. 551

For Further enquiries, please contact:

Romkant Pandey

Lecturer and Head