The Department of Physical Education, established in 2074 B.S., is the first department which offers M.Ed. courses in physical education. The graduates of physical education are employed in Tribhuvan University affiliated community and private campuses across the country. This department is equipped with qualified and experienced faculty members. As part of professional activities, the department conducts seminars, workshops and teacher training to strengthen knowledge and skills of physical education teachers.

 Faculty members

1. Suresh Jung Shai, Reader and Head

2. Shailandra Chilwal, Lecturer


 Courses Offered

First Semester

PE 515Advanced Physical Education

PE 516 Sports Psychology

PE 517 Advanced Skills Development in Athletics and Volleyball (PR)

PE 518 Ball Games (PR)

Second Semester

PE 525 Exercise Physiology and sports medicine

PE 526 Training and Coaching

PE 528 Management of Games and Sport

PE 529 Raket Games and Field Games

Third Semester

PE 535 Project Meet in Physical Education and Games

PE 537Kinesiology and Biomechanics

PE 538 Research and Evaluation

PE 539 Cricket

 Fourth Semester

Ed. 544 Thesis Writing

PE 546 History of Physical Education and Games

PE 547 Sociology of Sports