The Department of Instruction (DoI) is a semi-academic unit under the Central Department of Education, Tribhuvan University (TU). The major role of this department is to supervise and facilitate the instructional activities across different departments at the Central Department of Education. Furthermore, it makes necessary arrangements to strengthen teaching-learning activities by working as a bridge among faculty members and students. Partly, this department offers administrative support to the department. In addition, this department provides mentoring services to build a supportive learning environment that helps all students pursue their degree. It is also responsible for establishing a collaborative culture among different departments under the Central Department of Education.

Specifically, this department is accountable for the following works:

  • To facilitate the course-based departments for preparing class schedule, with assignments.
  • To regulate the classes as suggested by the departments.
  • To evaluate the daily attendance of the students.
  • To collect the information on the instructional problems, and to convey to the Head of the Department.
  • To facilitate the Head of the Department to regulate academic and administrative activities of the department.

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Head: Rajendra Khanal PhD