The Department of History Education under the Faculty of Education (FOEwas established in 1971 at Tribhuvan University (TU) Campus, Kirtipur. The main objective of the Department is to develop, teach courses on history education to enhance knowledge, attitude and enhance skill of students who are interested in understanding and teaching history education. Through research and teaching, the department engages students in regular academic activities to develop a sense of responsibility and patriotism among themselves. History Education has been introduced in Bachelor and Masters' Degree levels in Education.

The courses are included in  Four Years Bachelor in Education (B.Ed.), One Year Bachelor in Education (One Year B.Ed.) and Four Semester Masters' Degrees in Education (M.Ed.) courses.

The History Education Subject Committee introduces some new subject areas of International Relations of Nepal, History of Travel and Tourism in Nepal, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in history education; and Museums and Archives in Nepal.


First Semester

Hist. Ed. 515 Major Political Changes in Modern                            Nepali History (1769-2008)

Hist. Ed. 516 History of Modern India

Hist. Ed. 517 Diplomatic and Internal History of                              Europe (1871-1975)

Hist. Ed. 518 History and Historiography

Second Semester

Hist. Ed. 525 History of Travel and Tourism in                             Nepal

Hist. Ed. 526 Socio-cultural History of Nepal

Hist. Ed. 527 International Relations of Nepal

Hist. Ed. 528 Modern China


Third Semester

Hist. Ed. 535 Teaching Methods of History

Hist. Ed. 536 History of Archives and Museums in                           Nepal

Hist. Ed. 537 Major Turning Points of Nepali                                  History From the Pre-historic Period                          to 1868

Hist. Ed. 538 Economic History of Modern Nepal                             (1769-1991)

Fourth Semester

Ed. 543 Teaching Practice/Practicum

Ed. 544 Thesis


 Faculty Members


Name of Faculty



Shobhakhar Khandel, PhD



Keshav Prasad Niroula



Hikmat Bahadur Khatri, PhD

Lecturer and Head


Rupa Neupane



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