Practicum is an important component of all courses in the Faculty of Education. This course has been introduced from Bachelor’s to Master’s degree program. The main objective of the programme is to equip students with the knowledge of pedagogies and provide them with the opportunities to experience them in real teaching. This course requires the participants to prepare materials; to devise lessons and present them in simulated (micro-teaching) and actual classroom by applying the strategies and techniques they learn in their respective courses. The students are required to present 20-40 lessons, depending on local context of the assigned schools or campuses. Before participating in actual teaching, they are required to practice in simulated (micro-teaching) classes in the campus for the two weeks’ period. Their presentations are supervised 3 to 5 times by faculty members and suggestions are provided to improve their teaching. During this period, they are required to prepare an observation report, observe peers’ classes, evaluate the courses, and prepare materials to prove themselves as trained teachers. The practicum/practice teaching is conducted after the completion of the theory papers in respective subjects.

In order to accommodate a large number of students in practice teaching, 2-3 batches of students are sent to campuses every year from the Central Department of Education. The students of some Departments do not even require to participate in practicum, instead they have to do an Internship and submit a Report.

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