It is my immense pleasure to welcome you all to the Central Department of Education (CDE). CDE plays instrumental role to serve the country as the center of excellence for teaching, learning and research in the field of teacher education and educational research. Over the period of six decades, the department has produced thousands of teachers, educational administrators, teacher trainers and educational researchers. Our graduates are working in different governmental and non-governmental organizations at home and abroad.

The Department is committed to produce highly competent teacher educators and educational human resources for the transformation and development of education policies, plans and pedagogies in the country. Key positions held by our graduates include all educational sectors, administrative positions, educational leadership, technology support and many others nationally and globally.  The department also conducts a series of seminars, webinars and conferences to promote the educational quality and enhance the professional development of teachers and teacher educators. In addition to this, the department also supports faculty members and students to develop academic collaboration on various educational programs internationally and build networks with the people from different cultures, countries and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Quality teacher education is the main motto of the CDE. Integration of information and communication technology (ICT), enhancement of the ICT competence among the faculty members, on-going action research to address the emerging issues in quality education are some of the key areas that the CDE has embraced in its operation recently.  Despite the challenges in the educational sphere, CDE addresses the changes in educational discourses, needs and priorities in a proactive manger.  With a vision to establish the department as a center of excellence, our faculty members of all the departments have put their efforts in teaching, research and providing support to the students in their academic and research endevour.

As the Head of the Department, I would like to acknowledge the contributions of all faculty members and staff, both past and present, to strengthen the quality of teaching-learning and research activities in the department. I expect your continued support to achieve the vision of the department.


Prof. Ramnath Ojha , PhD 

Head of Department