Political Science Education in Nepal, in it’s a six-decade-long history, has been passing through the process of expansion and diversification in its scope in terms of both teaching and research. However, this discipline is facing a crisis as the number of students has declined. Going back to the history, Political Science subject was introduced at the Proficiency Certificate Level as a civics subject in the early 1950s and extended to the postgraduate level (M.Ed., Faculty of Education) in 1992.

There are several campuses offering B.Ed. Level courses in Political Science education within the country; however, the Department of Political Science Education, at the Central Department of Education is the only Department offering Master’s Degree in Political Science Education (M.Ed.) since 1992. The major aim of the program is to produce trained and competent teachers (to teach political science related subjects at the different levels of education), educational planner, curriculum designers, educational researchers, and educational managers required for the country. The Department also carries on the responsibility of teaching courses on disciplinary philosophy (pedagogy) and paradigms, both theory and practice.


Faculty Members (Past)

  1. Prof. Ganesh Raj Sing
  2. Associate Prof. Abdul Quaiyum
  3. Prof. Balaram Shrestha
  4. Prof. Dr. Govinda Malla
  5. Prof. Bala Ram K.C.
  6. Associate Prof. Gautam Dhoj Joshi
  7. Associate Prof. Bhairaja Shakya
  8. Prof. Satya Devi Manandhar
  9. Prof. Dr. Jagadish Narayan Manandhar
  10. Associate Prof. Rewati Prasad Dahal
  11. Prof. Dr. Ram Kumar Ghimire
  12. Prof. Dr. Ganga Bahadur Thapa
  13. Associate Prof. Ramchandra Shrestha
  14. Associate Prof. Prem Prasad Thapaliya
  15. Prof. Bijaya Bahadur Silwal
  16. Associate Prof. Bhabindra Bahadur Khadka

Faculty Members (Present)

  1. Assistant Prof. Keshav Raj Paudel (Head)


  1. Prof. Dr. Bidur Prasad Phuyal
  2. Prof. Dr. Ram Kumar Ghimire
  3. Associate Prof. Vijay Kanta Karna

Courses offered

The Department runs a four-semester Master’s program in Political Science Education. This program basically covers courses on three major areas—subject knowledge learning, practicum or practice teaching and thesis writing. The courses are grouped into three areas—core, specialization and elective. For core courses, the students can take six credits in the first, second and third semester and three credits in the fourth semester. There are forty-eight credits specialization courses of which twelve are offered in the first, second and third semesters. Similarly, three credits elective courses, three credits practice teaching, and six credits thesis writing are offered in the fourth semester. The specialization area covers content, pedagogical, practicum/ practice teaching and thesis writing courses. The specialization courses that the Department offers are as follows:


First Semester

Core (Foundation) Courses

  1. Ed. 511 Foundation of Education
  2. Ed. 512 Advanced Educational Psychology


Political Science Education


  1. Pol.Sc. Ed. 515 Political Theory


  1. Pol.Sc. Ed. 516 Political Analysis I


  1. Pol.Sc. Ed. 517 Political Thought I


  1. Pol.Sc. Ed. 518 International Politics

Second Semester

Ed. 521 Curriculum Practice

Ed. 522 Education and development Political Science Education

Pol.Sc. Ed. 525 Political Analysis II

  1. Pol.Sc. Ed. 526 Political Thought II


  1. Pol.Sc. Ed. 527 Public Value and Political Management


  1. Pol.Sc. Ed. 528 Nepalese Politics

Third Semester

Core (Foundation) Courses

  1. Ed. 531 Measurement and Evaluation in Education
  2. Ed. 532 Research Methodology in Education


Political Science Education

  1. Pol.Sc. Ed. 535 Teaching Political Science


  1. Pol.Sc. Ed. 536 Constitution of Selected Countries


  1. Pol.Sc. Ed. 537  Federalism


  1. Pol.Sc. Ed. 538 Theory and Practice of Diplomacy


Fourth Semester

Core Courses


Ed. 541 Contemporary Educational Issues

Ed. 542 Teaching Practice or

Ed. 543 Practicum (For EPM)


Ed. 544 Thesis


Political Science Education

Elective Course

  1. Pol.Sc. Ed. 545 Human Right and Social Justice or
  2. Pol.Sc. Ed. 546 Electoral Politics in Nepal