Mathematics education is becoming more dedicated to contents and pedagogy based stream of education. It is extending towards new perspectives with influences from the different disciplines as diverse as psychology, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, feminism and mathematical sciences.

The distinction between mathematics and mathematics education lies on the nature of enquiry is made by mathematicians and mathematics education researchers. Mathematicians established the pattern, structure and theory in the physical world and the mental world of forms, relationships, and try to convince others that they too can see the same things whereas Mathematics Education researchers established pattern and structure in the socio-psychological behaviour of students and the teachers of mathematics explore whether the phenomenon directs the future actions, and try to provide frameworks for enabling others to notice the same as well.

With the implementation of NESP in 1971, the college of education at Tribhuvan University was restructured in 1972. Under the Institute of Education, Mathematics Instruction Committee at Kirtipur conducted different academic programmes with training for in-service and pre-service mathematics teachers of different levels of schools. In 1976 two years M.Ed. programme of mathematics education specialization courses of 400 marks was started. The Nepali Mathematical Science Report was published with the initiation of the Mathematics Instruction Committee. Nowadays it conducted M.Ed. Programme with semester systems.

In this way, the Department of Mathematics Education is established by crossing various ups and downs. And ICT Education is conducted in this department in 2071.Past Faculties/Department of Mathematics Education

Prof. Indra Nath Aryal

Dr. Heinz Rugger (PhD)

Dr. Hanrick Sanchel (PhD)

Prof. Bhawani Shankar Rajbamshi

Prof. Shushil Kumar Shrestha (PhD)

Prof. Madan Man Shrestha (PhD)

Prof. Lava Chandra Shrestha

Prof. Chuda Nath Aryal (PhD)

Associate Prof. KedarJwalanandaRajopadhya

Prof. Santosh Man Maskey (PhD)

Prof. Siddhi Prasad Koirala (PhD)

Prof. Hira Bahadur Maharjan (PhD)

Associate Prof. Hari Prasad Upadhyay

Prof. Hari Prasad Upadhyay (PhD)

Prof. Min Bahadur Shrestha, PhD

Associate Prof. Laxmi Narayan Yadav, HOD

Present Faculties

Associate Prof.  Bed Raj  Acharya,  PhD,  (Head)

Prof. Shiva Ram Neupane, PhD

Prof. Lekhnath Sharma, PhD, VC-Open University

Prof. Binod Prasad Dhakal, PhD

Associate Prof. Eka Ratna Acharya, PhD

Bauwa Lal Shah, PhD, Reader

Bimala Mishra, Lecturer

Abatar Subedi, Lecturer

Bed Prasad Dhakal, Lecturer

Hom Kumari Adhikari, Lecturer

Dr. Ganesh Prasad Adhikari, PhD, Lecturer

Krishna Bhatta, Lecturer

Lok Nath Bhattarai, Lecturer

Krishna Prasad Adhikari, Lecturer

Sarala Luitel, Lecturer

Dipak Mainali, Lecturer

Arjun Singh Saud, TA

Jagadish Bhatta, TA

Ramesh Singh Saud, TA

Balkrishna Subedi, TA

Bhoj Raj Joshi, TA

Bhupendra Lohar, TA

Dr. Dhirgha Raj Joshi, TA


Head Assistance Bimala Bhattarai (Ghimire)

Rita Rijal

Courses Offered


Foundation of Mathematics Education/Math Ed.515 Abstract Algebra/Math Ed.516 Mathematical Statistics/Math Ed.517 History of Mathematics/Math Ed.518


Trends in Mathematics/Math Ed.525

Linear Algebra/Math Ed. 526

Projective Geometry/Math Ed. 527

Complex and Numerical Analysis/Math Ed. 528



Research Method/Ed.532

Measures and Evaluation in Education/Ed.533


Teaching Undergraduate Mathematics/Math Ed.535 Differential Geometry/Math Ed.537 Measure Theory and Topology/Math Ed.538 Studies in Math Education/Math Ed.539


Semester -4th

Compulsory: Educational Issues/Ed.541


Teaching Practice/Ed.542

Thesis Writing/Ed.544

Operation Research/Math Ed. 546 (Elective)

ICT in Mathematics Education/Math Ed.547 (Elective)

Courses of M.Ed. Programme in ICT Education


Computer Architecture/ICT. Ed. 515 Java Programming/ICT. Ed. 516 Discrete Structure /ICT. Ed. 517 Operating System/ICT. Ed. 518


Advanced Database Management System/ICT. Ed 525 Network Security/ICT. Ed.526 Software Engineering/ICT. Ed. 528 Reading in ICT Education/ICT. Ed. 545


Visual Programming/ICT. Ed. 535

Learning Management System/ICT. Ed. 536 Software Project Management/ICT. Ed. 537

ICT Education Theories and Practices/ICT. Ed. 538


Network and System Administration/ICT. Ed 546 (Elective)

Advanced Web Technology/ICT. Ed 547 (Elective)