College of Education (COE) was established on September 9, 1956 (2013, Bhadra 24), following the recommendation of Nepal National Educational Planning Commission (NNEPC) 1954-65. In the beginning, the main objective of the COE was to produce trained teachers to teach courses for primary and secondary schools. In 1971, National Educational System Plan was introduced in the country which renamed the COE the Institute of Education (IOE). A decade later, in 1982, following the recommendation of the Royal Commission of Higher Education, the Institute of Education was given the status of the present Faculty of Education (FOE) under Tribhuvan University. In the beginning, the College of Education was established in Chet Bhavan Lazimpat, Kathmandu and then moved to Kirtipur (the present place) in 2023 BS. The Institute of Education is now renamed as the Central Department of Education. 


Prof. Tara Datta Bhatta, PhD 


The vision of the Central Department of Education is to serve the country as the center of excellence for teaching and research in the field of teacher education and educational research. The Department produces highly competent human resources for the transformation and development of education policies, plans and pedagogies in the country. Besides, the department supports faculty members and students to develop academic collaboration on educational programs internationally and build networks with people from different cultures, countries and socio-economic backgrounds. More importantly, the Department serves the students who come from rural areas and different ethnic and marginalized groups by offering scholarships and other necessary support to pursue their Master's program.


The mission of the Central Department of Education is to serve the country by preparing trained and competent teachers (to teach at different levels of education) and by producing educational researchers, planner, curriculum designer, and managers. The Central Department of Education has a unique identity and structure. Among 36 central departments of Tribhuvan University, this department is the only department which has 14 different departments.

Geographical Location

The Department is located in a beautiful landscape of Kirtipur. Situated in the north of Bagh Bhairab temple, Kirtipur, the department is surrounded by in CEDA office in the north, management department in the east, Central Department of Population Studies in the south and CNAS in the west.

Physical Facilities

  • Compound/fences
  • Buildings/classrooms with multimedia projectors
  • Furniture
  • Canteen
  • Restrooms
  • Playground
  • Garden
  • Library
  • Science laboratory
  • Auditorium hall
  • Curriculum Resource Centre