The Central Department of Education has played an important role to shape educational policies and strengthen the country's education system. While there are challenges for the Department to address the growing changes in educational discourses, needs and priorities, we are trying our best to enhance quality of the department through teaching, research and community service. With a vision to establish the department as a center of excellence, our faculty members in different departments put their efforts in teaching, researching and providing support to the students in their academic and research activities.

This profile provides a brief history of the central department and introduction of subject-wise departments, faculty members, staff and courses being offered. As mentioned in the profile, our faculty members have a wide of range of research interests and areas of expertise. These faculty members have been playing a lead role in national educational policies and building knowledge in the field of education. For 60 years, the department has been contributing to produce teachers, educational administrators, trainers and educational researchers. In addition, the graduates of this department are working in different governmental and nongovernmental organizations.

As the Head of the Department, I would like to acknowledge the contributions of all faculty members and staff, both past and present, to strengthen the quality of teaching-learning and research activities in the department. I accept your continual support to achieve the vision of the department.

Finally, I would like to thank all who have contributed to produce this profile in this form and to make 62th anniversary of the department successful.


Dr. Deep Bahadur AdhikariHead of Department