The Central Department of Education, University Campus, is the oldest of the 38 Central Departments currently in existence under Tribhuvan University. This is located in Kirtipur, Kathmandu, near to central office premises of the University.

The Central Department of Education is under Faculty of Education, TU, and has 16 Departments, 3 of them perform semi academic /administrative function, whereas remaining 13 are full-fledged academic Departments.  The 16 Departments are:

The Central Department of Education is the richest one in terms of human resources and student enrollment .currently 184 staff member (132 teaching +52 non-teaching )apart from 30 part -time ,daily wages employee ,altogether 3554 student from different part of nation .Besides that the student who are writing thesis are also attached with this department .

Every Department here is in fact Central, the only of its kind in the nation ,performing in full capacity as any Central Department is doing –from teaching to research ,from syllabus designing to playing a leading role in the disciplined concerned .The Research Management cell (RMC)under the central department publishes journals /bulletins ,organization talking program addressed each activities .

All Departments are trying to introduce new programs in consonance with the demand of the students, of their parents, of the time, of the nation and of the all-encompassing globalization process. For instance, we have Computer Science course in Mathematics Education for the Master’s level students. We have GIS courses at the Department of Geography. We have run semester system in master level from the academic year we are going to start master’s degree in ICTE in next academic year. We have planned to start online course in distance mode in English language Education and Mathematics education also Departments to establish an all equipped resource center .In this way every Department likes to grow ,has potential to grow ,want to distinguish itself by way of performance –research and total academics. Every Department is eager to introduce new programmers and use modern techniques in teaching by using gadgets like multimedia projectors and computer, etc.

I would like to thank all the Heads of Departments ,Professors ,all the Faculty ,non-teaching staff and special my dear students who have come here for higher education from different corners of countryside .We have kept in our mind the bright of all those students who seek for quality at the center. Constrained by various limitations we are far from the destination, however, we would like to assure our dear students, that we have nurtured a dream of reviving the past glory of this Department; we have a hope for turning this into a real Center of Excellence, both physically and academically. And it is with our support, and encouragement that we can translate these dreams and hopes into reality.

Education is the key role in national development .The extent to which education will be able to support the process of national development depends on the academic and professional strength of educational planners .managers, teacher educations ,headmasters and teachers .As the demand for quality schooling and higher education rises ,the need for competent professionals become even greater .To meet this need the Faculty of Education (FOE), Tribhuvan University with its two year Master programme is committed to providing better and qualified teachers educators, educational administrators and planners ,system analysts and expert in the field of education .

Master of Education is a two –year programme offered by the Faculty of Education (FOE).This programme consists of professional /pedagogical core courses and specialization course .Specialization course include Curriculum and Evaluation ,Economics Education , Educational Planning and Management ,English Language Education ,Geography Education ,Health Education ,History Education ,Mathematics education ,Nepali Language Education ,Physical Education ,Population Education ,Political Science Education and Science Education. One year B.Ed. programme in Science Education and special need education is still running in this department Student can specialized in any one of these course .Both professional and specialization courses have been revised and implemented since 2009.